DataSynapse launches data centre management tool

DataSynapse has launched FabricServer 2.5, which it described as "an enabling platform for achieving real-time infrastructure".

The latest version of the company's application virtualisation platform is claimed to be "the only software that configures, activates and scales applications based on business demands and policies". According to the company, FabricServer 2.5 helps users dynamically allocate computing resources to enterprise applications.

The company has until now concentrated on financial services markets but wants to break out into other enterprise areas, according to European chief technology officer Fred Gedling.

Gedling said: "FabricServer is a broker that does provisioning automatically. It's a virtualisation platform for data centre applications, which means it allows the environment to be mutualised so that applications can run on any server. It can turn off a server and have the application move to another server.

The software can allocate computing resources based on business demand, business calendar, service level agreements (SLAs) or transactional priority, according to the company.

Gedling said: "FabricServer sits in the control path not the application path - it sits alongside the application. We have an agent in each server or VM that's responsible for understanding when that server has capacity available.

It's a recipient of provisioned out components such as WebLogic or Cognos. The system knows the business policy and can lay out an application such as Documentum on a particular server.

In other words, it manages the lifecycle of an application, it knows the state of utilisation, and how components and applications are performing. This means it can decide to scale, find capacity, allocate it, provision it, and start it up."

New features include:

* Synapse Studio: The only development tool for configuring enterprise applications for a real-time IT environment.

* Support for Microsoft application platforms including .NET3, IIS and SharePoint applications.

* A command-line interface that enables integration with enterprise scripting languages to automate packaging and deployment of enterprise applications.

It contains Synapse Studio, the company's developer tool that helps automate and standardise the testing, deployment and packaging of applications.

It also works with DataSynapse VersaVision, the company’s reporting and analytics platform, which provides visibility into real-time infrastructure and applications. Gedling said: "There's an interface between FabricServer and VersaVision which means it can report on how the infrastructure is performing.

It can also extract billing information for different business units, to enable chargeback to different business units, for instance."

The vendor claimed benefits for the product including reduced data centre operational costs and increased growth rates through improved utilisation rates of servers in the data centre, as well as improved user experience through allocation of computing resources based on business demand, business calendar, service level agreements or transactional priority.

"Customers see a 30-40 percent reduction in server purchase using our technology, reducing costs, maintaining quality of service, and improving responsiveness," said Gedling.

“If businesses operate in real time, then so should their IT infrastructures,” said Jamie Bernardin, president, CTO and co-founder. “Our technology is proven to help customers create real-time environments today.

With FabricServer software, DataSynapse has made it dramatically easier for IT organisations to deliver on the promises of on-demand computing, utility computing and shared SOA services.”

FabricServer 2.5 will be available in the first quarter of 2008.

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