Cyber Threat Detection is Paramount

Eric Cole, SANS institute fellow has said cyber threat prevention is ideal, but detection is a must.

Cole believes organisations need to put more effort into detecting systems that are already compromised in their network. He criticises the IT security industry for its continued focus on threat prevention rather than detection.

He said: "Organisations need to recognise that they are going to be targeted, they are going to be compromised and they are going to be broken into."

Cole suggested the first step in transforming an organisations cyber defence strategy is to identify all information assets by drawing up an inventory.

He said: "If you do not know what is on your network, you cannot defend it effectively.

"If you do not know how devices on your network are configured and set up, you cannot know how to protect and secure them."

He advised businesses to ensure they had sufficient change control capability to manage change in the IT environment.

Cole believes that organisations should focus on being proactive, by setting up an environment that can better manage an attack and recover.

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