Cyber Security Innovation is Crucial

According to chief evangelist, Ben Johnson, innovation in cyber security is crucial in levelling the playing field in the fight against cybercrime.

He said: "The fact that large, well-resourced companies are getting hacked on a daily basis shows the need for innovation because current technologies are not working.

"Attackers are continually innovating and evolving their capabilities, so there needs to be innovation and evolution of defence capabilities to achieve any success."

Johnson believes many companies need to bring their basic security in line with best practices before they consider leading edge cyber security technologies.

He added: "We typically see organisations failing on basics such as configuration management, access control, segmentation of networks and network monitoring for anomalous behaviour."

He believes there is no point worrying about advanced threats if they have not yet done the basics properly.

He said: "If you have 1990 infrastructure, it does not mean you are safe just because you install a 2015 tool. Attackers will always use the easiest method to achieve their goals and typically rely on common, well-known vulnerabilities, only using more sophisticated tools as a last resort."

According to Johnson, an area that even large organisations struggle with is the visibility and key understanding of their key information assets and what is going on in their networks.

He added: "Improved visibility is important because it enables organisations to remove unnecessary network and access privileges, track data movements, limit what applications can run on particular computing assets and reduce how much control users have over their systems and their ability to install malicious software inadvertently."

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