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Cyber Attack Hallmarks Identified in Cross Industry Report

A CyberArk report that collates input from across the cyber security and forensics industry has revealed privileged account abuse is common to all cyber attacks.

The report , titled "Exploits of Privileged Accounts Shift the Front Lines of Security" is based on input from six information-security threat investigators.

Chief executive at CyberArk Udi Mokady said the sources for the report represent some of the smartest, most well connected and knowledgeable threat investigators in the world.

He said: "By understanding the commonalities they are discovering across their investigations, we are gaining significant insights into attack patterns for targeted attacks, regardless of their origin or focus.

"These accounts empower attackers to destroy breach evidence, avoid detection and establish backdoors that make it nearly impossible to dislodge them from networks.

"Securing privileged accounts represents the new first line of defence in the ongoing cyber battle companies are fighting."

Mokady believes one of the reasons organisations typically fail to manage privileged accounts properly is because they vastly underestimate how many of these accounts exist in their organisation.

He added: "Privileged accounts are built into just about every piece of IT infrastructure, and are open to abuse unless they are all closely monitored and managed."

The research from CyberArk demonstrates that organisations typically have three to four times as many privileged accounts as employees.

Security investigators also reported that attackers' exploits of privileged accounts are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

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