PC Power Management Systems will Expand Rapidly

The global market for PC power management technologies will continue to expand "at a pretty rapid rate", according to a major new report confirming that the energy savings delivered by automated PC turn-off technologies can deliver a return on investment in less than six months for many organisations.

The study from IT industry analysts The 451 Group, entitled PC Power Management - Measuring, Monitoring and Managing Client Energy Consumption, concluded that despite the rapid expansion of the PC power management market in recent years the technology has still achieved market penetration of just 20 per cent, leaving plenty of room for expansion.

"We expect that market penetration to continue to grow at a pretty rapid rate over the next three to five years - fuelled in part by more suppliers offering hosted tools," the report states. "However, the major driver will be increasing energy costs, and environmental legislation."

In particular, it noted how tax rebates on PC power management systems offered by many US states was helping to drive demand, while in Europe legislation such as the UK's Carbon Reduction Commitment would serve to increase corporate energy costs, strengthening the investment case for automated energy saving systems.

Report author Andrew Donoghue said the emergence of PC power management technologies from companies such as 1E, Verdiem, Microsoft, and IBM BigFix, represented a "real green IT success story".

"Companies can see returns on investment in less than six months from savings to energy bills from deploying technology that costs on average $15 per desktop," he said, adding that PC power management systems were likely to evolve over the next five years to incorporate other elements of energy management.

"PCs will become just one of the devices in this energy management future, which is already being investigated by companies such as Joulex, Cisco and Verdiem," he predicted.

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