Coder Creates Smallest Chess Game

A coder from France has created what is thought to be the smallest sized chess computer program.

BootChess is only 487 bytes in size and the code can be run on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux computers. The creator of the game, Olivier Poudade, had said the challenge seemed impossible at first and hoped his achievement would now inspire other programmers to get involved in the "sizecoding" scene.

Olivier said: "[It] demonstrates why assembly language is still the language of choice to excel [at] in programming.

"[And it] reminds others that optimising in computer programming is not only about speed, but also about size."

In order to achieve his goal, Mr Poudade had to make the look of the game even more basic than its 1982 predecessor.

The board and pieces of BootChess are represented by text, with P representing Pawns, Q for Queens and full stops for empty squares.

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