Google Netbook Expected on 7th Decemeber

Google has issued invitations to a launch event on 7 December, which is widely expected to be the first display of netbooks powered by the Chrome operating system.

Chrome OS was announced in 2009 and has elicited interest from Acer, Dell and others, but no official platforms have been launched. If the rumours are correct, Google could also announce an application store for the operating system.

The first netbooks on show will not be mass-market devices, but part of a limited run of around 65,000 units that will be sold to Google "friends and family", according to Engadget.

The netbooks are powered by Atom processors, and Acer has been widely touted as the manufacturer.

The invitations coincide with a major update to the Chrome browser, which fixed over 800 bug and stability flaws and added sandboxing security for PDF files to cut down on malware transmission.

Google has big plans for its operating system, which is based on support from the open source community.

Executives have reportedly predicted that as much as 50 per cent of Microsoft's installed base, particularly in the corporate and embedded spaces, could be vulnerable to Chrome OS in the long term.

Chrome OS was initially envisioned as a netbook operating system and is designed for keyboard operation.

However, with netbook demand stalling and manufacturers piling into the more lucrative tablet market, Chrome OS also may be repositioned as a multi-platform operating system.

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