Chrome Records 10 % of Browser Market

Chrome has recorded a 10 per cent browser market share for the first time, according to Net Applications.

Chrome gained 0.72 per cent of the global market in January, finishing with a 10.7 per cent share - double its 5.2 per cent share this time last year.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer slid by a percentage point to 56 per cent of the global browser market. While older versions lost share, IE8 posted a 1.18 per cent gain and the IE9 beta won 0.5 per cent of users - and up to 1.82 per cent for those on Windows 7. Ageing IE6 fell a point and a half to 11.6 per cent.

Firefox slid to 22.75 per cent, continuing a downward trend its open source developers Mozilla will hope to turn around with the arrival of Firefox 4.

A release candidate for IE9 is expected to be launched next week, while Mozilla has said the final version of Firefox 4 would show up by the end of the month.

Apple success

Net Applications also noted that Apple's iOS had increased its share following Christmas hardware purchases.

"Apple's iOS, which runs the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, reached 2.06 per cent of all global browsing in January, passing 2 per cenr for the first time," the company said. "This growth trend accelerated over the holidays, which follows the typical pattern for Apple consumer devices."

The Apple operating system is now responsible for 5 per cent of all web browsing in the UK, Net Applications said.

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