inside China's Spam Crisis

Around 70% of all domains used in spam since the beginning of 2009 have a Chinese top-level domain according to Gary Warner, director of research in computer forensics at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Even though China is cracking down on Google for displaying search results that lead to harmful content through spam, pornography, malware, and scams are spread.

However the spammers themselves may not necessarily reside in China. It is a case of China having been taken advantage of because of its poorly regulated infrastructure. Gary warner states that he believes the spam crisis has not been brough to the attentions of the government so far.

"I truly believe that the Chinese government would not willingly tolerate this horrible situation," Warner said in a blog post Saturday.

He says the problem has several causes:

First, some Internet registrars in China are not responsive to complaints, making it difficult to shut down domains used by spammers.

Second, he says that some of China's network operators are equally unresponsive to complaints.

Third, he says that China's law enforcement community needs to be more engaged with the rest of the world. "It is unacceptable in the International Community to allow one's country to continue to serve as a haven for spammers of illegally counterfeited pills, illegally counterfeited software, and illegally counterfeited watches and handbags," he said. "It is also unacceptable to provide hosting services for numerous international criminals to place their servers on networks in your country."

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