'Faster,' 'Instant' Digg 2.0 Unveiled at SXSW

Digg CEO Jay Adelson announced a brand new version of the social news site on stage last night at SxSW in Austin, Tx.

"We will go from 20,000 submissions to millions," said Adelson. The new Digg will be more personalized for the user, and sharing and submitting content will not require a login anymore. Those handful of categories are going away and real trending topics will surface now.

"I want a site that I will use," said a Digg employee when I asked the motivation behind the new Digg. "It's not about the front page anymore. It's about getting the right stories to you as quick as possible. You decide what is more important."

Websites are like an ecosystem. If parts of the ecosystem are dying, and you fix those parts one by one, the general health of the system will get better.

In my opinion, Digg has lost some users because of other services have taken over people's attention. Digg has really good technology and an awesome commenting system, but there's no easy way to find content right now.

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