Call me Dave, want my kids?

Once upon a time, MP’s struggled to get down with the kids – now they’ve started acting like them.

Amongst the teenage angst videos and chav pranks on YouTube, a labour MP has posted his own ‘dis’ film aimed at Conservative leader David Cameron.

Sion Simon has ruffled a few Tory feathers with his Ali G-style spoof of Mr Cameron.

The baseball cap-wearing Simon opens by saying: ‘Yo! My names Dave, yeah. Thing is, I’m just like you. I’ve got the same worries, the same troubles, the same cares, the same trouble and strife.

‘Want to sleep with my wife? That’s cool. Come down, check it out, we’ll sort it out, safe.’

He adds: ‘I’ve got two kids – kid one, kid two. You like them? Take one – that’s cool.’

The video is an apparent send up of Mr Cameron’s own attempt to connect to Britain’s ‘yoof’.

He launched his own video weblog last month to try to get his message across to young people.

Mr Cameron’s wife and children feature in some of the diaries, which also show him introducing the site while doing the washing up.

A spokeswoman for Mr Cameron branded Mr Simon, the MP for Birmingham Erdington, as an ‘idiot’.

She said: ‘He has tried to be funny but the joke has backfired and made him out to be an idiot.’

But the backbencher defended the video last night.

He said: ‘Nobody in the Labour party has said anything to me other than “Well done, good effort, very funny”.’

Fellow Labour MP Tom Watson, who is believed to have posted the spoof online said it was ‘a shame if people can’t laugh at themselves and politicians can’t be funny.’

He added: ‘This sends up David Cameron’s attempt to market himself to the younger generation.’

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