Businesses Need to Tailor Budget to Relevant Security

A report shows many businesses are failing to invest in blocking the security threats that are hitting them.

The report, taken from Verizon's 2014 data breach investigations revealed that businesses need to focus on only a few attack methods, to cover most of the cyber security attacks that affect them.

Researchers at the firm found that while no organisation is immune from attack, 92% of cyber-attacks in the past 10 years have been linked to just nine basic attack patterns.

Financial firms will need to focus on web application attacks and payment card skimming, whilst retailers need to focus on point of sale intrusions and denial of service attacks.

Swartz said: "The data enables organisations to identify the most prevalent kinds of attacks on their industry and the most appropriate security controls to deploy.

"Leading organisations are starting with who is likely to attack them and how that relates to the business and what they need to protect as a threat model for identifying the most effective controls."

Swartz thinks that this will be a much better approach, rather than spending vast sums of money creating a semblance of security that attackers can easily bypass.

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