Blog reaction divided on Jackson acquittal

Reaction on the Web yesterday ranged from exuberance to anger after former pop star Michael Jackson was found innocent of all counts in his child molestation trial. The verdict by a Santa Barbara County, Calif., jury brought some fans in the blogosphere to tears, as their idol was cleared of all charges and walked out of the courtroom with family and lawyers. "I can't stop sobbing I'm so relieved," fan Kathy wrote in a comment on the Michael Jackson Trial Watch blog. "I was so afraid that being different would prejudice a jury. I was molested as a child and believe me, if I thought there was a drop of truth to the claims, I would be the first to want to see him castrated and sent to jail." On political blogs, both conservatives and liberals were less kind to the entertainer. "What the hell is wrong with people? He could have walked into the courtroom with a naked kid and he'd still have been 'not guilty,' according to these morons. Sorry for the crudeness...but I'm fuming," RockinRight wrote in his comment to the conservative site Free Republic. "God Bless America!!! What a great country we have, where one can be a paedophile as long as one has $$$$!!!," Blzbba wrote on the same site. Many comments on the left-leaning Americablog were also unsympathetic to the singer. "He had the best defense money could buy," Scott from Ca wrote. "Criminal JUSTICE system. Right," wrote Reilly from PA Gawker Media, which publishes several blogs offered headline suggestions for traditional media, including Beat It: Jacko Not Guilty, Jackson Walks In Courtroom Thriller and Moonwalking A Free Man. Some people made comparisons between the Jackson trial and the murder trial about a decade ago of former football star O.J. Simpson, who was found innocent in Los Angeles of killing his wife. "Congratulations Mike. Why don't you and OJ have a drink," Debi wrote in Trial Watch. Others believed that Jackson wasn't home free yet, and predicted further court action. "Justice served. Now I just hope he doesn't lose everything in the civil case," Mustafa Hashmi wrote in Trial Watch. "Whether or not he's guilty of molestation, one thing is clear, the lawsuits will follow him for the rest of his life," Beatpoet said on Trial Watch. Other people couldn't help, but toss a bit of humour into the mix. "Hey Michael, let's go shopping," Smartypants wrote on AmericaBlog. "Boy's pants half-off at Sears!" News sites, on the other hand, appeared to handle the additional traffic well after the verdict. Website tracker Keynote Systems Inc. said it saw no performance problems at major news sites it monitored. "We're not seeing anything unusual in our news index," Keynote spokesman Dan Berkowitz said. "Everything appears to be performing normally," UKFast is not responsible for the content of external Internet sites.

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