Bing's Search Engine Share Continues to Rise

ComScore released new data on Friday showing that in February, Microsoft's Bing Search Engine maintained it's slow but steady increase in U.S market share.

Google lost two-tenths of a percentage point but remain far ahead of the competition with 65.4% of all searches in February. Yahoo's share remained at 16.1%, while Bings rose to 13.6% - 0.5% increase compared with January.

Although they increased their share, the number of searches conducted on Bing fell to 2.1 billion, a 5% decreased from the previous month. Despite the decrease, the numbers are still better than those at the other major search engines. In February, the number of searches on Google fell by 9% to 10.1 billion while Yahoo also saw a 9% drop with the total number declining to 2.5 billion. ComScore say that the only reason for the reduced number of searches across all the search engines is because February is a shorter month.

The results focus on the total number of explicit core searches - those manually entered on a Web page. ComScore also examined the number of "powered by" searches - the ones done both at a search engine's own site and at other sites.

For Google, their "powered by" share at its own site and on AOL and Ask fell to 68%, a 0.2% drop from January. Microsoft's on the other hand saw their "powered by" share increase to 26.2%, up from 25.6% in January.

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