Big Data Analytics a Useful Security Tool

According to the Business Application Research Centre the majority of companies using big data security analytics report a high business benefit.

A software market analyst and IT consultant said big data analytics is a very useful tool for enabling organisations to become more resilient in the face of increasing cyber attacks.

Founder and managing director of the Business Application Research Centre, Carsten Bange, said: “A recent survey found that 53% of organisations that are using big data security analytics report a ‘high’ business benefit.

"The survey also found that 41% reported a ‘moderate’ benefit and only 6% said benefit was ‘low’, so there is fairly strong evidence of the business benefits of big data security analytics."

The survey revealed that while adoption across the board is still relatively low, more than two thirds of the advanced companies surveyed are adopting big data security analytic technologies such as user behaviour analytics.

Bange said user behaviour analytics can help improve organisations cyber security resilience by tracking user behaviour across all IT systems – for example how to identify whether there are significant deviations from normal behaviour to warn of potential malicious activity.

He added: “Organisations need to know there is now the technology to support this kind of analysis that can be very beneficial in the field on information security. It can enable organisations to become more resilient through data-driven security decision making, planning and incident responses.

“The basic technologies to integrate, store and analyse data exist and are reasonably mature, but applying that capability and building systems around it – particularly in a security context – is where development is taking place and more organisations should focus their attention.” 

Smaller companies are thought to be benefitting more from big data security analytics in order to understand what is happening in their IT environments.

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