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Barclays Launches £10m Digital Safety Campaign

Barclays will lead a £10m campaign against digital fraud as research reveals the scam hotspots for adults.

Barclays will lead a £10m campaign against digital fraud as research reveals the scam hotspots for adults.

According to the new national Digital Safety Index London, Bristol and Birmingham have the largest gaps in public resilience to fraud scams – based on a Barclay’s survey of 6,000 people across the UK.

The East Midlands emerged as the most resilient region for digital safety scores.

The survey also revealed that Londoners with a master’s degree and aged 25 to 34 are the UK’s most vulnerable group. The data shows people in this age group are twice as likely to be victims of online fraud as older generations.

Only 17% of people can identify basic digital threats – such as social media messages intended to trick users into sharing personal details or downloading malware.

The Barclays-led digital safety campaign is aimed at raising the public’s awareness of financial fraud risks and keeping them safe with information, tools and tips.

The campaign also includes an online quiz for people to assess their own digital safety level and get tips on how to strengthen their defences, as well as a multi-channel national advertising campaign to alert people to the risk of fraud.

Ashock Vaswani, CEO of Barclays UK, said: “Fraud is often wrongly described as an invisible crime, but the effects are no less damaging to people’s lives.

“As a society, our confidence in using digital technology to shop, pay our bills and connect with others has grown faster than our knowledge of how to do so safely. This has created a ‘digital safety gap’ which is being exploited by criminals.

“I believe the need to fight fraud has now become a national resilience issue, and we all need to boost our digital safety levels in order to close the gap.

“That is why we are launching this new national campaign on digital safety, and we will do everything in our power to arm people with the tools and information they need.

“I want to help make digital safety as commonplace as locking your front door. I want businesses, the police, and the public to unite and stand shoulder to shoulder to block and frustrate the bad guys at every turn.”

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