Australian Police Arrest "LulzSec Leader"

The "self-proclaimed leader" of hacking group LulzSec has been arrested, according to Australian police officials.
The New South Wales resident (24), an IT professional, is alleged to have attacked and defaced a government website at the beginning of April.

LulzSec has claimed responsibility for a number of well-documented attacks, including those sufferedby the CIA and Sony.
The man has been charged with two counts of unauthorised modification of data to cause impairment, and one count of unauthorised access to restricted data.
He could be jailed for up to 12 years if found guilty.
An Australian Federal Police statement read: "Those thinking of engaging in such activities should be warned that hacking, creating or propagating malicious viruses or participating in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are not harmless fun."

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