Artificial Intelligence Takes Centre Stage in Cyber Security

In a cyber security conference in Las Vegas artificial intelligence has taken centre stage, indicating a clear trend in future cyber defence technologies.

At the Def Con Hacker conference attendees gathered to witness the final rounds of the eight-hour Cyber Grand Challenge (CGC) which is run by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa).

According to Darpa the world’s growing dependence on computer systems demands the creation of a smart autonomous security system.

The CGC aims to find ways to fix bugs faster than humans can.The automated systems competing in the competition are given several compiled programs and asked to find inputs which crash the target programs and generate new versions secured against those crashes.

The winning team from US security firm, ForAllSecure, received $2m to continue to develop its technology.

The second prize of $1m went to a team behind the program, Xandra, which was created by security experts from the University of Virginia and European firm GrammTech.

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