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Apple Increases Employee Diversity in Silicon Valley


Apple has released a report stating that its employee diversity rates have risen.

Figures for 2016 show that more than half of new employees taken on by the tech giant come from minority backgrounds.In the recent report, Apple stated that: “Our new hires are more diverse than our current employees.”

In the United States, 54% of new hires in 2016 have been from ethnic minorities. Of this total, 24% were Asian, 13% Black, 13% Hispanic and 4% multicultural. The final 1% was labelled “Other”.

Compared to Apple’s current employees, the percentage increase varies; however, none of the figures appear to show lower percentages, suggesting a positive trend overall.

It has emerged, however, that the year-on-year increase in ethnic diversity in new hires has increased minimally. Black, Asian and Hispanic minorities have all seen an increase in 1% since 2015, making up 9%, 19% and 12% of new hires respectively.

The report has also shed light on gender diversity in Apple’s US workforce. The company is 68% male, a figure that has dropped 1% since last year. Amongst Apple’s leadership, 72% are male and 28% female.

Apple is one of a few Silicon Valley tech powerhouses to have seen pressure to diversify its workforce in recent years. Apple’s statistics are fairly comparable to its peers’.

Young Smith, Apple’s vice president of worldwide Human Resources commented: “We believe that there are talent pools out there, and we have to create access to them.”

Ethnic diversity has been an increasing issue in Silicon Valley’s tech bubble, with US Government Representative Barbara Lee stating: “For too long, diversity and inclusion in the tech sector has been an afterthought. This increase shows Apple’s real commitment to addressing this issue. While much work remains, by working together, I am confident we can achieve parity.”  

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