Adobe Launches Flash Platform Services

Adobe Systems has announced the availability of Adobe Flash Platform Services for Distribution, a new service that enables advertisers and content publishers to promote, measure, and monetize applications across social networks, desktops and mobile devices.

Adobe Systems has announced the availability of Adobe Flash Platform Services for Distribution, a new service that enables advertisers and content publishers to promote, measure, and monetize applications across social networks, desktops and mobile devices.

Adobe Flash Platform Services are online, hosted services that allow developers to add innovative capabilities to Web applications with a predictable, cost efficient deployment model, said Adrian Ludwig, group manager for the Flash Platform at Adobe. Developers, advertisers and publishers are now using Adobe Flash Platform Services to make Web applications sharable, social, and collaborative, he said.

"What we are doing is announcing the first of a series of platform services for the Flash Platform," Ludwig said. "This service makes it easy for developers to make their applications and Flash-based content shareable."

With the growth of social media, advertisers and publishers are looking to more predictable and effective methods to reach audiences via social media, Adobe said. There are many benefits to using sharable, social applications to connect with customers; however, it can be difficult to get users to install the applications. Additionally, advertisers, publishers and game developers use distribution methods that don't support all popular destinations and can be difficult to maintain. Many times, simply posting applications in an app store is the mobile distribution strategy. Yet, rarely is an overall distribution strategy unified across the Web and mobile, making comprehensive analytics difficult to obtain, the company said."We're adding extensions that allow developers to add sharing capabilities to their applications, and they can deliver the apps to a vast number of different environments," Ludwig said.

"Our customers rely on the Adobe Flash Platform to make rich and compelling applications that work across operating systems and screens," said David Wadhwani, general manager and vice president at Adobe, in a statement. "The new services from Adobe allow Flash Platform developers, advertisers, game makers and other content publishers to connect with an even larger audience more effectively, and grow revenue opportunities."

Adobe's new distribution service helps solve these challenges. Adobe is partnering with Gigya Inc., a social media authentication and distribution platform, to provide advertisers, publishers and game makers with a comprehensive distribution solution. The solution includes a unified management tool to effectively promote, measure and monetize Web applications and games. This capability also is why Adobe is seeking to close its recently announced deal to acquire Omniture, which provides similar analytics services to Gigya.

The new Adobe service allows for viral distribution by making applications sharable. Flash and other Web applications can be distributed to most Web, desktop and mobile platforms. The sharing feature is easily implemented, enabling users to share applications with a single click on social networking sites, on the desktop and mobile platforms.

Moreover, Web applications built with Flash Platform tools as well as applications created with other technologies can be distributed to multiple mobile platforms., Adobe said. Users who want to install a sharable application on a mobile device will receive a SMS message on that device with a link to the application. Users then click the link and the Distribution service detects the device and delivers the version of the application that is developed and optimized for that specific device. For information on supported mobile platforms, visit

In addition, Ludwig said application distribution can be accelerated through paid promotion. Tens of thousands of Web application installs are possible through a unique paid cross-promotion model. Adobe is partnering with Gigya to provide the free and paid methods of Web application distribution.

Also, Adobe is offering its Distribution Manager to provide comprehensive traditional and social media analytics. This application was built using Adobe AIR software to promote applications, and measure distribution and customer usage.

With the new service, Adobe also is facilitating monetization through cross promotion. Publishers and developers can generate revenue through cross-promotion of other Web applications, Ludwig said. When users click to download an application, this feature enables publishers and developers to offer another Web application to the user.

"Lionsgate is actively working to use the Adobe Flash Platform Services for Distribution for media promotions," said Leo Collions, executive vice president and CIO at Lionsgate, in a statement. "We can use the service to repurpose, distribute and track the content to our customers throughout the content lifecycle, from theatrical release to DVD to digital distribution. The ability to reach customers on social networks, mobile devices and desktops makes the service especially effective."

Web development gurus at Universal Mind, a firm specializing in Rich Internet Application (RIA) development, have created a Wall Street Journal Radio widget. The WSJ Radio Network -- which provides audio business news reports and programs to more than 370 radio stations across the country and reaches more than 22 million listeners per week -- will provide its network affiliates with new business news Web tools for use on their own sites as well as for individual use, Adobe officials said. The new widget will offer content from WSJ Radio and, including podcasts, live audio business news updates from The Wall Street Journal Report and The Dow Jones Money Report, as well as updated headlines and video, and will be available for users to view and share via social networking sites and blogs, the company said.

"We're RIA experts at Universal Mind, using the Adobe Flash Platform to develop compelling Web applications with great user experiences - and the new Flash Platform Services are sure to add value to the RIAs we build," said Brett Cortese, president at Universal Mind, in a statement. "The new Distribution service was easy to include in the Wall Street Journal Radio Flash widget, and will provide their team important information about use of the widget by tracking the Web application's distribution across the Web, and by measuring how the audience actually interacts with the widget."

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