A New Trojan Has Been Discovered

RSA researcher Eli Marcus is said to have found a new Trojan, made up of around 25,000 lines of fresh code.

With most malwares based on proven platforms, entirely new code is said to be a rarity. This new Trojan, known as "Pandemiya" is capable of stealing data from forms, creating fake web pages and taking screen shots to send back to the botmasters.

The software is modular, pervasive and unique thanks to its ability to inject itself into all new processes via the Windows security registry function: CreateProcess API.

Eli Marcus said: "The advent of a freshly coded new trojan malware application is not too common in the underground." He also added that the modular approach means Pandemiya could become "more pervasive in the near future."

Marcus speculates that the Trojan was relatively unknown until now, due to its high price and new status, in comparison to the likes of Zeus and Citadel.

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