20% think ISPs should tackle illegal P2P

The results from a survey show a fifth of Brits think ISPs should impose restrictions on repeated file sharing.

ISP review's (www.ISPreview.co.uk) results of 472 respondents showed 20.7 per cent think ISPs should take action potentially including: blocking websites that host links to illegal downloads and or restricting the maximum speed at which P2P services are allowed to run.

Just 14.8% were in favour of restricting broadband service speed as a punishment for repeat offenders. The largest single proportion of voters (26.9%) supported the idea of sending even more warning letters if the first one failed. 22.4% didn't know how ISPs should solve the problem.

Lord Carter's Digital Britain report, published just over a month ago, set out an intention to legislate by requiring UK ISPs to "notify alleged infringers of rights (subject to reasonable levels of proof from rights-holders) that their conduct is unlawful."

However, many people in the creative industries don't believe warnings alone will be enough.

The least popular options for dealing with illegal downloaders were banning the individuals from all ISPs, disconnection from their current ISP and threatening customers with a fine or legal action. Banning or disconnection appears to have been all but removed from most discussions.

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