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Internet News

Read the latest internet and technology news from around the world.


28 April 2017

Worldwide Ransomware Grows by 50%

Ransomware attacks on businesses worldwide have grown by 50% since last year.


26 April 2017

One in Eight People Suffered from Healthcare Breach

One in eight consumers in England and Wales has had their private medical information stolen.


21 April 2017

UK deemed Biggest Online Shopper

Online shoppers across the UK spend more per household than consumers in any other country.


20 April 2017

Facebook Working on Brain-powered Tech

Facebook has announced it is working on technology to allow users to control computers directly with their brains.


19 April 2017

Nearly all Retailers Think IT is Critical

Most US and UK retailers agree IT is critical when operating retail branches.


18 April 2017

Cyber Attacks Hit One in Five UK Firms

Research suggests one in five British firms had been hit by a cyber attack last year.


13 April 2017

IAM a Core Building Block for GDPR

Identity and access management is key to enabling organisations to become compliant with the GDPR, according to a senior analyst.


12 April 2017

Cybersecurity Fears are a Barrier to Fintech Revolution

Three quarters of large global financial services companies have identified the importance of fintech firms, but 71% see cybersecurity as an associated risk.


11 April 2017

Government Outsourcing Contracts to be Extended Due to Brexi

The government will renew hundreds of outsourcing contracts without renegotiation due to the burden of Brexit work.


10 April 2017

Wonga Data Breach Affects 245,000 UK Customers

Payday loan firm Wonga has suffered a data breach affecting 245,000 customers in the UK.


05 April 2017

UK Leading in Using Red Team Cybersecurity Testing

Red team testing is becoming an essential tool to find out just how susceptible organisations are to a cyber attack.


04 April 2017

GDS Builds DDaT Jobs Framework

The Government Digital Service (GDS) has built a framework of digital, data and technology (DDaT) jobs to create consistency across departments.


31 March 2017

iPhone Users Fooled by Fake Ransomware

Apple has issued an iPhone software update after reports of fake ransomware attacks.


30 March 2017

Girls Take Part in Cyber Skills Event to Promote Tech Career

Girls from 10 schools nationwide took part in a cybersecurity event designed to test their skills and encourage them to pursue a career in security.


29 March 2017

KPMG Launches Campaign to Encourage Women into Tech

Professional services firm KPMG is to launch a campaign to encourage more women to pursue technology roles.


28 March 2017

Nearly Half of UK Businesses Lack a Cybersecurity Strategy

A report has revealed that most businesses do not have a formal cybersecurity strategy.


27 March 2017

Government Needs Extra Digital Staff

According to the National Audit Office (NAO) the current skills shortage means the government will need to spend up to £244m annually on staff in digital roles.


24 March 2017

Apple Denies Hackers Holding Millions of Accounts to Ransom

Apple has denied that hackers are holding millions of iPhones and iCloud accounts to ransom.


23 March 2017

Scottish Government Launches Digital Strategy

The Scottish Government has launched its digital strategy, promising to make the country a “vibrant and outward-looking digital nation”.


22 March 2017

NHS Launches Project to Increase Digital Health Tech Skills

The NHS is aiming to create a digital academy with the hope of training 300 chief information officers and chief clinical information officers to drive health and care transformation.


20 March 2017

HMRC Urged to Delay Digital Tax Plan for Businesses

According to an influential House of Lords committee, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) should delay launching its ‘Making Tax Digital for Business’ programme until 2020.The advice stems from “unjustifiable risks” in the current timetable.