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Let's Inspire Manchester

30 years ago I left the small town of Denbigh in North Wales to come to Manchester to try and make a name for myself. It's been far from easy, but once I'd learned some simple rules of success, things started clicking nicely into place.

Today we - my wife and a loyal team - have helped build UKFast from a start up in a spare bedroom without any funding, into an extraordinary business that helps millions of people interact online.

My journey is far from over and, whilst on it, it's important to share my experience and inspire other great people and entrepreneurs like you to help accelerate your journey. Together, we ultimately make our home towns and cities, and indeed our whole country, a better place to live, work and inspire generations to come.

Thank you for connecting with us on our journey and I look forward to hearing your story.

Best LJ

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Lawrence Jones

What is Inspire MCR?

You can feel it rippling through the streets, a buzz like no other. Manchester is growing. Innovation runs through the city. There are startups popping up everywhere you look. And there are new hubs and communities surrounding them, nurturing them, giving them the support they need to succeed. Business is booming and it is time to take our city to the next level.

Alongside Lawrence Jones, CEO of UKFast, a lineup of the city's greatest entrepreneurs and business minds come together to share their knowledge and the lessons they've learned - never-before-seen insights into Manchester's most inspirational businesses.

Where is Inspire MCR?

InspireMCR's venue combines Silicon Valley-quirkiness with Manchester's entrepreneurial spark.

Welcome to UKFast Campus.

Sitting on the gateway to Manchester, UKFast's auditorium plays host to some of the city's biggest launch events, including Key 103's Mission Christmas; as well as presenting Manchester Camerata's biggest collaborations.


"Hearing what you guys had to say triggered something from within.
You have inspired me to take the plunge and take a hold of my life."

Experience Inspire MCR

Inspire MCR Spring

Inspire MCR 1

Alongside Lawrence Jones MBE, the inaugural InspireMCR featured Phil Jones, MD Brother UK; Dan Cluderay, CEO Approved Food and Chris Percival CEO of Jigsaw Medical.

Inspire MCR Autumn

Inspire MCR 2

The second InspireMCR welcomed James Timpson, CEO Timpson Group and Jonathan Wall, Controller Radio 5 Live to share their unique stories and business advice.