Firefox Releases App Allows Data Transfer To Iphone

Mozilla has released an application which allows users to transfer Firefox browser data to the iOS platform.

Dubbed "Firefox Home," the tool will sync browser information such as open tabs, bookmarks and browsing history to the user's iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch devices. The app allows users to share their Firefox browser information on the iOS, which uses Apple's Safari browser.

The iOS software is being offered through the App Store, while users will also need to download the Firefox Sync tool on their computers. Both applications are free. Additionally users will be required to set up an account with Firefox Sync.

Mozilla said that while the software supports all iPhone models, an iPhone 3G or later is recommended. The company said that while iOS 4 supports the tool, it has not yet been fully optimised.

The software will provide something of a workaround for Firefox fans who use iOS devices. With the exception of Opera Mini, the App Store has not offered iOS versions of Safari's major competing browsers.

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