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What is eCloud® Hybrid for eCommerce?

Put simply...

...eCloud® Hybrid equips your eCommerce presence with the best possible foundation for success when flexibility is a key requirement. It gives you the best of both worlds - private Cisco UCS hardware nodes for exceptional performance, and shared enterprise 3PAR SAN storage for elasticity when you need it.

The technology

Built using world-class hardware from Cisco, HP 3PAR and VMware, Hybrid eCloud® combines all the aspects that matter to you, including high availability, rapid deployment and reliability.

Transforming your business, eCloud® Hybrid comes with a dedicated Cisco ASA firewall as standard, 100% network uptime guarantee and 24/7/365 support, helping to reduce the stresses that come as standard in today's business world.

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Why UKFast eCloud® Hybrid for eCommerce?


Effortlessly handles seasonal spikes by scaling your solution up and down on request. Use only what you need.

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Dedicated cloud running on a 10Gb network for an ultrafast website. Time is money in eCommerce.

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Dedicated 24/7/365 UK-based support who know your business. We answer your call in three rings.

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Case study


Approved Food


The challenge: Approved Food needed a fast, reliable hosting provider to cope with huge traffic spikes during national TV appearances.

The UKFast solution: UKFast's CEO stepped in and tailor-made a solution to fit the increasing demand Approved Food's site was receiving. The company has been ranked amongst the top three eCommerce sites for page speed according to the Internet Retailing UK Top 500 and ships more than 45,000 items a day. Approved Food now reaps the benefits of national media coverage.

Approved Food Case study


The results:

  • Approved Food is ranked amongst the top three eCommerce sites in the Internet Retailing UK top 500
  • The website now handles immense spikes in traffic following national media coverage
  • Approved Food ships over 45,000 items a day

"The ability to have this sort of relationship with our hosting provider, one where they know our business inside out and see our full potential, is incredible."

Read the full Approved Food case study here.

What is eCloud®?

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