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Hybrid eCloud®

Performance Without Compromise

Hybrid eCloud®

Create as many virtual machines as your dedicated kit allows and, because we only use cutting-edge technology, you get the same high performance levels as a private cloud.

Find out how you can start to benefit from our enterprise Hybrid eCloud.

Hybrid eCloud

What is Hybrid eCloud®?

Put simply, hybrid eCloud gives you the best of both worlds - private Cisco UCS hardware nodes for exceptional performance, and shared enterprise 3PAR SAN storage for elasticity when you need it.

Built using world-class hardware, from Cisco, HP 3PAR and VMware, Hybrid eCloud combines all the aspects that matter to you, including high availability, rapid deployment and reliability.

Transforming your business, Hybrid eCloud comes with a dedicated Cisco ASA firewall as standard, 100% network uptime guarantee and 24/7 support, helping to reduce the stresses that come as standard in today's business world.

Plus, with our dedicated UK-based cloud experts supporting you every step of the way, you can rest assured your solution is safe in the hands of experts. In fact, the only feature you won't get is the high costs associated with hardware, software and upgrade costs that usually come with physical kit.



    You get maximum uptime, reliability and performance, whilst still taking advantage of a pay-as-you-go model and having access to 24/7 expert support.


    Promising high performance, your cloud comprises Tier 1 storage, Cisco UCS blade servers and an ultra-fast 10Gb network.

    Speed is in our DNA. That's why Hybrid eCloud is built on world-class infrastructure. We've implemented a converged ethernet infrastructure guaranteeing a fast-performing environment for optimal operation. Plus the automated build means your cloud is built in less than 15 minutes.

    Knowing how essential uptime is to you, we've built Hybrid eCloud on one of the most reliable platforms available, so it delivers true elastic, flexible cloud computing, with reliability and redundancy built-in.

    With a 100% network uptime guarantee as standard, and revolutionary built-in redundancy, we've designed Hybrid eCloud to be a cloud solution you can depend on. You can even host your eCloud across two different datacentres, at the touch of a button.

    Your data is critical to your success, so our ISO-accreditation means we'll safeguard your data to the nth degree. And as we're 100% British, you can be sure your data is only stored in our UK data centres.

    Disaster recovery (DR) is complex and challenging, which is why Hybrid eCloud lets you to simplify your DR strategy, and test your DR failover plan. We can even provide site-to-site DR as well.

    And whenever you need support, you get direct access to our highly qualified support technicians 24/7/365. And should you need a 15 minute response and one-hour hardware replacement guarantee, you can simply upgrade to our SLA+.


Under the bonnet

Hybrid eCloud gives you dedicated Cisco UCS blade, enterprise 3PAR storage, so you can create a secure, high-performance cloud infrastructure for your business.

Compute Architecture

  • Abstracted hardware layer, enabled by Cisco UCS server profiles, allows for simple, fast migration and online resource expansion
  • 10Gbps connectivity for every blade server
  • Highly expandable blades - due to high bandwidth bus interconnect from the mezzanine card system, enabling third party card integration i.e Fusion IO
  • Dedicated fibre channel infrastructure for each UCS pod
  • Redundant modular pod-based architecture results in discrete isolated failure domains, mitigating risk
  • Component redundancy allows any element to fail, without any impact to your solution
  • N+3 power redundancy across all Cisco UCS blades.


  • eCloud uses our bespoke cloud orchestrator, allowing us to rapidly respond to customers by rolling out any feature required
  • Off-the-shelf vendor orchestrators restrict the use of features and are slow to respond to the needs of customers
  • Vendor agnostic, due to our own orchestration
  • Freedom to use any server hardware required
  • Automate and manage the build process in its entirety
  • Allows for automatic server provisioning, virtual machine and storage resources. This feature also manages the automatic customisation of the guest OS
  • Your tailor-made solution can be built in minutes
  • Our in-house director has been built to ensure rapid feature development and to automate and manage the build process in its entirety, after which your solution is finalised and checked by our technical launch specialists
  • The automation process includes the automatic creation of the relevant database records in our in-house management systems.


  • Tier 1 storage from 3PAR
  • 32Gbps fibre channel connectivity
  • Cage and magazine RAID level redundancy
  • Network topology segregation
  • Full end-to-end fabric design
  • High bandwidth connectivity


The virtualisation platform uses world-class technology from VMware ESXi. All VMware management hypervisors and VMs are launched on separate physical servers outside the UCS environment. This, combined with our modular pod-based architecture and segmented management, allows for disaster recovery and auto-deployment in the event of failure.

As a leading VMware Premier Partner we offer bespoke client solutions to enable enhanced agility and resilience for business operations.

MYUKFAST - Your control panel

Manage your eCloud preferences through your dedicated MyUKFast control panel, which offers a scalable and flexible service, so you can make any changes, as and when required.

  • eCloud Control
  • Scale virtual machine resources
  • Reboot virtual machine
  • Create/delete VMs
  • Add hardware nodes
  • Burst hardware resources
  • View your eCloud usage and statistics
  • Access priority support system


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We rely on UKFast for infrastructure because a huge amount of data has to be protected - not just from a security viewpoint, but for resilience too.


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UKFast has been key in identifying the issues in what we had previously, what we could have instead, and therefore our potential to grow.


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We continue to recommend UKFast to any client looking for a solution because it's never let us down. The relationship never falters.



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