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Accelerate your digital enterprise with eCloud® Hybrid

Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Experience eCloud® Hybrid from UKFast


Why eCloud® Hybrid?

Agility meets performance

The combination of scalable public cloud and high performance private cloud supports the constant demand for change. And when speed matters most, you get the same high performance levels as an enterprise-level private cloud from a hybrid cloud.

Your digital potential unlocked. 

eCloud® Hybrid grows with your business, providing the future-proof infrastructure that enables your digital transformation. As your enterprise demands new online services, digital operations and apps, eCloud® Hybrid provides the agility, performance and reliability you need from a cloud platform.

Reduced costs, under your control

Scale your cloud at the rate that your business demands, lowering IT operating expense and avoiding over-provisioning.

Always on. Always secure.

Reliability and redundancy are built-in with dedicated Cisco ASA firewall as standard, 100% network uptime guarantee and 24/7 support.

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Cisco Powered Hybrid Cloud

Cisco Powered is the industry standard for cloud and managed services. Based on validated architectures and end-to-end security, Cisco Powered services minimise technology lifecycle complexity to reduce cost and risk. The ultimate best-in-class, offering flexible and scalable cloud services designed to help you achieve faster time-to-value.

Cisco Powered

Metro Storage Cluster

 Extend your eCloud® Hybrid "local" storage and network, and operate stretched storage clusters across two separate UKFast data centres.

Metro Storage Cluster

Under the bonnet


Compute Architecture

  • Abstracted hardware layer, enabled by Cisco UCS server profiles, allows for simple, fast migration and online resource expansion
  • 10Gbps connectivity for every blade server
  • Highly expandable blades - due to high bandwidth bus interconnect from the mezzanine card system, enabling third party card integration
  • Dedicated fibre channel infrastructure for each UCS pod
  • Redundant modular pod-based architecture results in discrete isolated failure domains, mitigating risk
  • Component redundancy allows any element to fail, without any impact to your solution
  • N+3 power redundancy across all Cisco UCS blades


  • eCloud® uses our bespoke cloud orchestrator, allowing us to rapidly respond to customers by rolling out any feature required
  • Off-the-shelf vendor orchestrators restrict the use of features and are slow to respond to the needs of customers
  • Vendor agnostic, due to our own orchestration
  • Freedom to use any server hardware required
  • Automate and manage the build process in its entirety
  • Allows for automatic server provisioning, virtual machine and storage resources, and also manages the automatic customisation of the guest OS
  • Your tailor-made solution can be built in minutes
  • Our in-house director has been built to ensure rapid feature development and to automate and manage the build process in its entirety, after which your solution is finalised and checked by our technical launch specialists
  • The automation process includes the automatic creation of the relevant database records in our in-house management systems


The virtualisation platform uses world-class technology from VMware ESXi. All VMware management hypervisors and VMs are launched on separate physical servers outside the UCS environment. This, combined with our modular pod-based architecture and segmented management, allows for disaster recovery and auto-deployment in the event of failure.

As a leading VMware Premier Partner we offer bespoke client solutions to enable enhanced agility and resilience for business operations.


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"Our speed boils down to two things; the code and the platform we are hosted on. Partly because of this our products are naturally top of Google despite the fact we invest very little in typical advertising like Pay Per Click."

Award-Winning Support

Award-winning support

Your eCloud® solution will be backed by a team of UK-based technical engineers available 24/7/365, plus a dedicated account manager.

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UK Data Centres

Data Centres

We've invested £22m in our UK-based data centres to ensure the highest levels of service, security and performance.

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UK-based cloud hosting

100% British

We built, wholly own and manage our enterprise-grade data centres, located solely within the UK for complete data sovereignty.

Total Control

We keep tight entry control on our supply chain to ensure none of the data we hold leaves the UK, giving you total peace of mind.

Total Security

Our ultra-secure data centres are ISO 27001 and PCI accredited, highlighting our commitment to data security.

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