HostingPanama launches Xpass

An offshore 'Internet Passport' to conduct Internet activities from a Panamanian IP address.

HostingPanama, a provider of outsourced business web hosting and colocation services, today announced that it has launched Xpass, which it states is a first-of-its-kind solution allowing users to conduct business online, send emails, browse web sites and perform other Internet activities privately, encryptedly and from a Panamanian IP address.

The company declared that Xpass starts at $49 per month, creates a high-speed and completely secure proxy connection to the Internet by leveraging its offshore infrastructure.

To use the service, end users located anywhere in the world can use a Web browser to access an SSL-protected portal, or opt to install a small authentication application on their system to reroute all traffic through Xpass. In each case, Internet traffic is completely encrypted and the IP address of the origin network is masked, adds the company.

It articulates that Xpass is unique from other proxy services in the level of security it provides. Namely, by masking the IP address of the original network, Xpass eliminates the traversal of worms.

In addition, with the service hosted in Panama, it is subject to some of the most protective privacy laws in the world, far more protective of privacy than the United States, Canada, or most of Europe.

In addition, it states that to offer a distinct advantage for businesses, when Xpass is used from an uncontrolled or unknown environment it provides an array of server management tools, including Shell and Remote Desktop, allowing users to manage their servers without compromising security and privacy.

"For many, it has become increasingly important to have an ability to browse the Web privately and securely, especially when handling sensitive data. Xpass provides user friendly functionality to make this a reality," said Eduardo Vila, Chief Sales Officer of HostingPanama.

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