ServerPoint offers Xeon servers deal

Web hosting provider ServerPoint announced on Monday it is now offering new Quad Core Xeon 2.4Ghz dedicated servers for $199 per month.

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"ServerPoint's goal is to customize its product offerings based on the needs of our customers, and these powerful new resources have been developed specifically for Web administrators who have intensive gaming or high-traffic applications running on their sites," says ServerPoint CTO Erik Johnson.

"We were able to negotiate a great deal with hardware supplier Supermicro for parts and volume on CPUs and RAM, which allowed us to offer these powerful servers at such a great value."

As part of Intel's family of x86 multiprocessing CPUs, the Xeon brand offers dual-processor and multi-processor configuration on a single motherboard. Quad Core increases the power of websites that operate high-resource applications, including gaming sites and blogs with high-traffic forums.

The Quad Core Xeon Servers offer four separate cores, providing users with four processors within one server.

They also include 2GB of frame buffered RAM, which can be upgraded to 8GB, a 250GB SATA drive, 7mbps of bandwidth (2,240GB per month) and high quality Supermicro motherboards.

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