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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Wikipedia Suffers Technical Fault

The online encyclopaedia, Wikipedia went offline last night between around 6 to 7pm. Visitors to Wikipedia at this time were greeted with a DNS failure notification. Wikipedia used its twitter feed to direct users to a website that was intended to explain what error had occurred, however this page was also offline at the time. The reasons for the downtime are still unclear, however the title for the blog post "Global outage, cooling failure and DNS" suggest that over heated racks in their data centre may have been responsible. Other high profile websites have also fallen victim to overheating hardware in recent years including's London servers in May which caused their site to go offline. Twitter was rife with talk of Wikipedia's downtime, with one user joking "Oh no! Wikipedia is down! [citation needed]." This morning however Wikipedia is back up and running as normal. Want to avoid downtime for your website?

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