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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

ISP IDNet Revamps Website & Services

Popular UK ISP IDNet has finally revamped one of its weakest points (perhaps the only real weak point), their website, and improved its service options to customers too.

The new site appears to be very swish and has brought with it a number of additional improvements:

- Direct-Debits and New Improved Customer Account Pages

You can now pay us via Direct Debit. To switch from your current payment method to pay by Direct Debit simply log-in to your (new and improved!) customer account pages and follow the link to Direct Debits.

- Free Web and Blog Space

In response to your feedback, we are now including free web and blog space with our Home Lite, Home Max and Home SuperMax services together with all our business packages. To view all the latest features included with your service please visit our new web site. To access your free web and blog space simply login to your account pages. Please note that support for web design & programming is not included.

- More Peak Time Downloads for Home SuperMax

We've doubled the peak time download allowance for our Home SuperMax service.

30GB of the 60GB allowance can now be used during the peak time of between 9am & midnight, uploads remain unlimited. Home SuperMax uses the Max Premium service which is usually reserved for business users. Benefits over standard Max services include a higher upload speed of up to 832 Kbps and priority given at the exchange over standard Max traffic - meaning higher speeds especially during peak times. A full feature list can viewed at

- Email Filtering

We have added some additional email filtering options for email addresses. You are now able to add white and black lists and opt to receive unfiltered mail if you prefer too. To access these new feature please login to your account pages and follow the link to email set-up.

IDNet are currently one of the highest rated UK ISP's around, with some surveys placing them as THE highest rated, besting even Zen Internet. Once again a top provider also turns out to be one of the smallest, which will come as littler surprise to industry watchers. Typically they may not be the cheapest but quality is rarely free.

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