Virgin Media Retains October 2008 Broadband Speed Lead

Comparison site has released its latest anecdotal monthly broadband speed testing results for October, which show that Virgin Media has maintained its top position with an average of 5.77Mbps. However O2 (Be Broadband) still holds a commanding lead for upstream speeds of 0.773Mbps. Interestingly Eclipse Internet (KCOM Group) has seen average speeds improve by over a third, which is likely due to the release of their new 'up to' 24Mbps ADSL2+ based broadband deals. We've reorganised the results into a Top 10 below: Top 10 ISPs for Download Speed
  • Virgin Media - 5.77Mbps
  • O2 (Be Broadband) - 5.063Mbps
  • Sky Broadband - 3.225Mbps
  • Eclipse Internet - 2.769Mbps
  • Orange - 2.761Mbps
  • PlusNet - 2.598Mbps
  • Tiscali - 2.304Mbps
  • BT - 2.245Mbps
  • TalkTalk - 2.024Mbps
  • AOL - 1.986Mbps
Top 10 ISPs for Upload Speed
  • O2 (Be Broadband) - 0.773Mbps
  • Virgin Media - 0.450Mbps
  • Sky Broadband - 0.403Mbps
  • Eclipse Internet - 0.383Mbps
  • Orange - 0.373Mbps
  • BT - 0.355Mbps
  • PlusNet - 0.338Mbps
  • Tiscali - 0.325Mbps
  • TalkTalk - 0.304Mbps
  • AOL - 0.287Mbps
AOL has continued to struggle with their speed performance and the results of TalkTalk saw a drop from September too. The average over all tests was a download speed of 3.325Mbps, which is now the third monthly drop in a row since July 2008's average of 3.609Mbps. No responsibility can be taken for the content of external Internet sites.

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