VidiScript partners with AptHost for enhanced video hosting

VidiScript, a company who created the script that enables users to start video sharing communities announced today that they are partnering with AptHost to offer enhanced video hosting options for their users. The new partnership will make it easier than ever for users to set up their own new video hosting community in just a few steps – even on a shared hosting account. Anyone looking to setup a video hosting solution will have the option to get advanced video hosting right out of the box. The process is made possible due to AptHost’s pre-configured server requirements, including the installation of FFmpeg. This new arrangement will result in a faster deployment of video sharing communities and should make it easier for everyone to take advantage of VidiScript’s edge cutting technology. “The partnership benefits Vidiscript users because AptHost provides hosting services with all the server requirements needed to properly run a video hosting site.” said Joe Messina, CEO of VidiScript. “Many hosts do not allow video sharing communities to run with FFmpeg in a shared hosting environment because of excessive resource usage. AptHost provides hosting services which are geared toward hosting these types of websites with backend server tweaks and software configured to support the needs of any and all video sharing technology.” Messina adds. The new hosting options from AptHost provide users with FFmpeg hosting options to enable the easy conversion, creation and streaming of video files. Thanks to FFmpeg video hosting, streaming videos in many different formats is made easy, and hence setting up an active video community is much easier. As the popularity of user-generated content continues to grow, this new partnership will give entrepreneurs the opportunity to compete on the same level as billion dollar companies like YouTube and MySpace. Source: Web Hosting Finds News

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