Verizon Introduces New Business Model For Security

Verizon Business has announced a global, cloud-based security service that combines the company's core networking and security businesses.

The service represents a new model for cloud-based security services, said Paul Mynott, group product manager, Verizon Business global solutions.

The service will route traffic through eight security hubs, including one in the UK, where security teams will apply best-of-breed technologies to eliminate threats.

These technologies will be continually re-evaluated and updated, said Mynott.

This kind of security service can be offered only by network carriers, and Verizon Business is the first to do so through a single, central, dedicated service, he said.

"Only when you own the network can you force traffic remove threats without relying on endpoint enforcement," he told Computer Weekly.

Until now, security services have been in disparate silos attached to each individual product offering, said Mynott.

The service is to be rolled out in three phases, starting with basic network hygiene in June that includes anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-malware and URL filtering.

These "clean pipe" services will be available to Verizon private and public IP and secure gateway customers at no additional charge.

All networking customers will be able to sign up for additional low-cost firewall and intrusion detection and prevention services from November.

Enterprise-level denial of service (DoS) detection and mitigation services will be available in the cloud through an online portal from early 2011.

DoS should not be on site, but rather blocked by a service provider before it ever hits the last mile connection, said Mynott.

The new service will allow customers to combine on-premise security with cloud-based security, said Peter Konings, director of global WAN services at Verizon Business.

"For example, a company could use on-premise security for local offices in the UK, but use the cloud-based service for sales offices in Europe, thereby eliminating the need for capital investment in equipment and support staff," he said.

The service is designed to deliver maximum control of risk and flexibility for scaling demand up and down as needed without requiring capital investment in equipment, said David Howorth, regional vice-president, Verizon Business Global Solutions.

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