Panorama induced Wi-Fi paranoia strikes London

The largely unfounded concerns over alleged risks to health from Wi-Fi radiation have continued to climb since the BBC's recent and somewhat flawed Panorama investigation aired.

Today reports in The Independent newspaper suggest that residents of London, especially families and schools, have been rushing to unhook their Wi-Fi networks:

The London-based Scooter Computer call-out service said last week that it had received hundreds of calls recently. Will Foot, for the company, said: "I have never seen such a reaction. It's completely out of the blue. More than 50 per cent of inquiries were from people worried about Wi-Fi access." He said that the company had already removed 25 systems.

Nicola Hart, of Dartmouth Park in north London, was so concerned about the radiation emitted from the systems that she removed Wi-Fi from her home, and persuaded her neighbours and her daughter's school to do the same.

She said last night: "We put the system in about four months ago because my 17-year-old son wanted to have access to the internet at the same time as us. I did not really think about any effects it might have."

While it was in, she said, she suffered "a lot of funny symptoms" which she thought were due to "an early menopause". But once she had the system removed she began sleeping and feeling better.

Still, though there's really no reason to stop using Wi-Fi, a proper scientific investigation should be conducted. Having said that, one wonders what will happen once people realise that Radios, TVs and all manor of other electric devices give off radiation too.

Even the Sun and universe have their own radiation and we’re often exposed to it. Despite all this the average episode of Big Brother probably does more damage to your mind than any of this “casual” radiation.

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