Fasthosts goes offline again

UK Web hosting provider Fasthosts Internet faced a major outage early on Tuesday, leaving many of its dedicated servers offline for at least up to eight hours.

According to reports by The Register, websites and services hosted by Fasthosts went offline in the early hours of the morning, making this the last straw for many disgruntled customers that have experienced one too many service issues with Fasthosts in the recent past.

In October 2007, Fasthosts permanently deleted some of its customers' emails after an error in an update to its mail server. A month later, Fasthosts reset its customers' passwords after a security breach.

By 2:59 a.m. local time, Fasthosts had a status message posted, explaining that affected customers would not be able to access their server, eRIC or backup spaces, nor could they rebuild or deploy new servers, but that engineers were continuing their investigations.

An update was posted at 11:00 a.m. stating that problems were continuing but that it was Fasthosts' top priority to fix them.

At 1:07 p.m., The Register received this update from Fasthosts:

"A number of Fasthosts dedicated server customers have experienced network connectivity issues this morning as a result of an unexpected hardware failure in one of our core network switches.

The fault resulted in an outage of a number of dedicated servers within the affected network segment early this morning. Fasthosts engineers are working speedily to bring all affected servers back online, a large proportion of which have been rectified throughout this morning.

Fasthosts will make every effort to ensure that affected servers are returned to normal as swiftly as possible. We apologise to affected customers for any concern or inconvenience caused."

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