Madasafish ISP launches new parental controls

The Brightview owned UK ISP Madasafish has today announced the launch of its new Parental Control application: Madasafish Parental Control helps to address the risks of exposure to inappropriate material online by allowing parents to create safe Internet zones with customisable website blocking, tailored to fit individual family members. The service features a web-based Parental Control Centre, which acts as a dashboard for all the advanced security and protection features. This can be accessed by authorised users over any Internet connection, so that checks or changes can be made even if parents are away from home. The easy-to-use service requires no technical expertise and can not be uninstalled by the kids. To combat the threat of sexual predators and online bullying, Madasafish Parental Control also enables parents to record all instant messaging conversations. As an increasing number of households now use multiple computers over a network, Madasafish Parental Control can be installed on up to three computers in the home, protecting all the family, all the time. The application can also be used to set the time when each child is allowed to use the internet, avoiding heated arguments over whose turn it is to go online. Matthew Henton, Head of Marketing, Madasafish said, "It is impossible to put too much emphasis on online safety and family security; the threat of offensive material, online bullying and sexual predators is well-known. Madasafish is committed to making the internet a safe and enjoyable place, and this application is designed with family safety as the top priority. This new service puts parents in control over what sites and content are accessible, and allows them to take a more active part in helping their children to get the best out of the 'net." Source: ISP review

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