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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Computer Consulting introduces Trinity Suite

Computer Consulting Partners, Ltd., today introduced the Trinity Suite, an Enterprise Internet Security Breakthrough. The company states that the Trinity Suite aggregates three cutting-edge cyber security technologies which filter malicious code and unwanted content from the fastest internet connections in the world while actually increasing usable bandwidth.

The company declared that Trinity Suite can purify an OC192 Internet connection, which is the equivalent of 5,376 individual T-1 Internet connections, without measurable latency while performing Total Packet Inspection to remove malware. Further it claims that no other technology has ever been able to approach this performance.

"Any number of tools can throttle bandwidth down in order to examine Internet traffic," said Keith Dolgaard, CEO of Computer Consulting Partners Ltd.

"But only Trinity Suite can purify all incoming and outgoing Internet traffic without measurable delay and also release unused bandwidth that the customer is already paying for. Trinity Suite is a breakthrough in high-speed Internet purification that also optimizes throughput," Dolgaard concluded.

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