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US web host industry week in review

A handful of trends have been at the forefront of the web hosting business's news for the last few weeks, and while some of those - such as the green hosting push - were prominent in this week's news, there was also a shift toward a few new trends.

One trend to re-emerge this week was acquisition, as several web hosting companies announced that they had bought up other businesses.

On Wednesday, web hosting provider NationalNet announced that it had acquired web host ChiliHost. NationalNet says it will continue to operate Chilihost as a separate international solution for customers seeking hosting outside the United States. ChiliHost's president Luke Hubert become international marketing manager for both companies.

And on Thursday, web hosting provider VividHosting announced that it had acquired web hosts and The merger adds an overhauled support center and ticketing system and a fully automated billing system. VividHosting says it has increased the features offered by the companies it acquired.

Along with the new acquisition this week, there were several web hosting related companies that announced new programs for their resellers.

On Tuesday, web hosting provider AIT announced that it would be holding its spring dealership training conference from March 14 to 16 at its headquarters in Fayetteville, North Carolina. The company says the conference will help to turn key resellers into new AIT dealers throughout the US. The company will provide training on dealership financing models, sales and marketing, new products and dealer support methods.

On Wednesday, email hosting provider Intermedia.NET announced that it had launched a promotion offering web hosts and IT providers a cash bonus for signing up hosted Exchange seats. The company says it expects that offering the cash incentives to its more than 1,900 partners will further accelerate its growth. The promotion will run from March through May.

And in a recent trend that has carried through several weeks of news, several web hosts announced this week that they had undertaken new environmentally friendly initiatives.

On Monday, web hosting provider HostedToday announced that it would begin planting trees for each new signup in an effort to make its business carbon neutral. HostedToday says working to go carbon neutral is an easy step for hosting companies, and can contribute to solving the global energy problem and let them take responsibility for the emissions their business may create.

And on Tuesday, San Antonio, Texas-based network access point CityNAP announced that it had partnered with energy company CPS Energy to meet all of CityNAP's energy needs using CPS Energy's Windtricity program. CityNAP says the deal makes it the first 100 percent green-energy supplied data center in Texas, and says it has taken extra steps to reduce power consumption by using fluorescent lights and HVAC systems.

While many of this week's biggest web hosting trends will no doubt continue into the immediate future, the most obvious example is the reseller incentives, as AIT's meetings will take place next week and Intermedia's incentives will continue for several months.

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