ISPs angered by traffic throttling

Canadian Internet service providers say they are facing a predicament as telecommunications provider Bell Canada recently announced it has implemented a new plan to "manage" the Internet traffic passing through its network.

ISP Teksavvy Solutions ( said its customers began to complain last week that their connections were slowing down, and when Teksavvy CEO Rocky Gaudrault looked into the matter he discovered that Bell was restricting the torrent and peer-to-peer traffic of his customers, ISP Teksavvy Solutions told Canadian newspaper, The Globe and Mail (, on Tuesday.

Gaudrault elaborated on his discussion with Bell on a Broadband Reports forum:

"After some discussions with Bell, while doing upgrades to zones that are under capacity, it looks like they've now started to implement a type of load balance system of sorts...As a side note, we have no plans to throttle anything, so if anyone is experiencing anything remotely related to this, it would be before it hits our side...Our concerns are that they are doing it without telling us.

That we don't know where they are doing it. That we don't know if and when it will end. What are the plans to add capacity... What's going on? What are we getting for our money? What can we tell our customers?"

According to reports, Bell and other Canadian ISPs have been slowly manipulating the traffic on their networks over the past year, giving favor to certain types of traffic while slowing down the bandwidth taken up by others. Most of the traffic that is being "throttled" is P2P and torrent transfers through applications like BitTorrent.

However, Bell says it hasn't been restricting its third-party ISP traffic until recently. Company spokesperson Jason Laszlo says Bell has every right to limit the amount of bandwidth passing through its cables because it has to keep the network as unclogged and balanced as possible so that it can benefit all customers.

As for Gaudrault, he has apparently been meeting with other third-party ISPs that deal with Bell to discuss their next plan of action, with talks of even setting up their own infrastructure.

Bell says it began actively managing ISP bandwidth consumption on March 14 and plans to have the program implemented across its entire network by April 7.

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