Entrepreneur Launches Whistleblower TradeLeaks

Australian Internet entrepreneur Ruslan Kogan announced on Thursday the launch of TradeLeaks, a whistleblowing website that will "make retail and trade open and transparent."

TradeLeaks (www.tradeleaks.com) takes on a similar platform as WikiLeaks, offering a platform for consumers and whistleblowers within organizations to anonymously leak information regarding dishonest and corrupt business practices of retail and trade around the world.

The transparency of the Internet has made consumers smarter than they have ever been. TradeLeaks further empowers consumers to make more informed choices.

Kogan, co-founder of TradeLeaks said the website would do to trade and commerce what WikiLeaks has done to politics.

"We get to pass judgement on our governments once every three or four years, but we judge retailers and traders on a daily basis," says Kogan. "We know that most retailers are open and honest, but we also know there is a lot of dodgy scheming and deception in the world of trade. The problem is there is no way for the average consumer to stay informed about this secrecy. TradeLeaks is here to change that. Customers can now learn the truth about any retailer out there and make more educated decisions with their hard earned money."

Along with OpenLeaks and BrusselLeaks, TradeLeaks is just one of a handful of new WikiLeaks-inspired websites launched in the past week.

Kogan said he anticipates that TradeLeaks will be "judged by how transparently it is administered," but conceded that his team is "committed to the highest level of independence and objectivity."

He acknowledged that the site will also make his own business practices transparent, and if there are posts that criticize TradeLeaks then visitors will know that Kogan's "businesses probably have some skeletons in their closets."

He added that no posts will be removed from the website "unless they are defamatory without fact."

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