World's Gate Launches Web Hosting Service

The World's Gate, Inc., owner of the overseas Chinese portal site,, announced its web hosting service today. The service is tailored for Chinese websites.

The company claims that this new service is in response to a new wave of censorship imposed by the Chinese regime on many websites hosted inside China. In the past few weeks, many Chinese websites, especially interactive sites such as blogs and forums, have been shut down or denied Internet access by the Chinese regime, in anticipation of the 17th Communist Party Congress this fall and the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

Many popular websites face the uncertainty and risk of service interruptions and massive loss of users' postings, typically leading to disgruntled users and the demise of these sites.

To cater to the critical need of stable and censorship-free web space, the company offers several web hosting packages, with data centers located outside China, far out of reach of the Chinese government's already over stretched arms. Websites owners and users will be able to enjoy the same freedom for their content online as everyone does in the free world. However, the company won't be hosting pornographic, hatred inciting, or terrorists-related websites.

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