Gov summons UK ISP's to terror meeting

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has summoned ISP's and other global technology and Internet companies to a meeting aimed at finding the best solution to "counter online incitement to hatred".

The fear is that ISP's may once again face pressure to become the Internet's police, potentially making them responsible for content posted by users on the Internet, which is frequently out of their control:

We asked a senior ISP industry policy source what reaction had been to the summons. He said bluntly: "That depends on what it actually means. Right now, I've no idea, and I don't think anyone else in the industry does."

ISPA, the industry trade association was more diplomatic, but made it clear that its members have not been contacted by the Home Office. It told the Reg: "ISPA has worked closely and engaged with the Home Office to work out an effective notice and take down process... for terrorist activities online as well as for race and religious hatred.

ISPA has been leading discussions with officials on the enforcement of the Terrorism Act online for the last year and looks forward to hearing further details about this additional dialogue and how ISPA can help inform the debate."

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