TBs Broadband ISP Customer Service Ratings

Thinkbroadband has published its latest July 2007 'customer service' ratings summary, highlighting a small but general improvement in user satisfaction among mainstream UK broadband ISP's.

Most of the providers show a marginal shift upwards from their previous February 2007 records, some more so than others. Freedom2Surf (60%), UK Online (60%) and Karoo (55%) all improved by 7% while Namesco managed an increase of 9% to 73% overall:

We last published a round-up in April 2007 and it is interesting to see the changes that have taken place since. After reporting what seemed to be a growth in discontent with certain providers, there appears to be signs of a recovery in the area of customer service, although on balance there is still much room for improvement.

Sadly the same can not be said for everybody with Supanet dropping from 69% to 51% (-18%!). That's perhaps not surprising given the somewhat unsustainable economics surrounding their present broadband packages.

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