TalkTalk congestion problem slows broadband

The Independent on Sunday newspaper reports that TalkTalk's broadband service is suffering from serious network congestion problems in the outer London 0208 dial-code area.

The Carphone Warehouse run ISP is understood to have received 2,000 complaints regarding slow speeds and connectivity problems. Ironically the provider is blaming one of its own suppliers for delays in fixing the problems:

Customer services are not aware of the scale of the problem and so not informing affected customers, according to the complaints department. It says TalkTalk is waiting on Opal, the telecoms subsidiary of The Carphone Warehouse that provides the infrastructure for its broadband network, to assign extra bandwidth. Opal has missed several of its deadlines this month but the firm has assured TalkTalk that it will have provided a major boost to capacity at some point this week.

TalkTalk's Service Status page also has a small amount of extra information, although it's too generic to be constructive and gives no real indication of when the issues will be resolved:

Service Status: Customers are currently experiencing a problem connecting to the internet and making and receiving landline calls. Our engineers are aware of the issue and are currently investigating. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Meanwhile VirginMedia’s broadband ADSL customers continue to suffer from similar problems despite that ISP’s assurances that the problems had been resolved.

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