AIT announces super savings

AIT, a web hosting provider, has announced that they are making the savings currently being offered on its new line of VPS & Enterprise Servers permanent.

According to the company, these new plans allow for multiple websites to be hosted for a low as $2.50 a month. The company claims that each account benefits from no setup fees and flexible billing terms.

Features include twenty four hour toll free support, free web site builder, dozens of website templates, and a free shopping cart. Every plan is equipped with data transfer ranging from a low end of 7,000 GB to Unlimited.

The offering is topped off with a storage ability of 600 GB for small business VPS and 2 x 160 GB drives for the Enterprise class. The company has also included many marketing tools to assist any size business gain exposure while benefiting from an industrial strength infrastructure.

"To assist with the marketing and sales of any business, we are offering all new AIT hosting accounts thousands of dollars in advertising credits on the tyBit search engine ( and on our affiliate web properties," said Kitti Jo Finch, General Manager of tyBit, Inc.

"It's just a great deal, you get tons of disk space, tons of features and benefits most of which can be resold under your own private label if you decide to take the Entrepreneurial road but the big thing is value."

"Most providers only offer virtual hosting, which is merely one simple feature of the VPS. A real VPS is not simply a virtually hosted (Virtual Host) site on a web server we control; we give clients 'virtual root' access.

They will see directories such as 'dev', 'usr', 'bin', etc. in the 'etc' directory, they will find their own 'passwd', 'aliases', and '' files' which in turn allows them limitless flexibility to add as many POP accounts, aliases, and autoresponders they want.

With AIT Virtual Servers, customers will also find an entire 'usr/local/etc/httpd' directory structure, including their own 'httpd.conf', 'srm.conf', 'access.conf' files, their own logs and 'cgi-bin'," said Mike Roberts, CIO of AIT.

"We have developed this technology over 12 years and in terms of value, our prices are the absolute lowest in the industry," said Sean McCoy Chief Marketing Officer.

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