Greenest Host Donates to Environmental Fund

Green powered web hosting and Internet services firm, Greenest Host, has made its 100% solar powered web hosting plans available, including the traditional web hosting solutions such as domain registration, email account hosting, and custom website building. Greenest Host’s services, operate through its green technology data center, which operates 100% of the time on clean solar energy. The company has combined cutting edge green power technology with custom, easy-to-use account management software, point-and-click website development tools, and world-class ecommerce software. For the first time, consumers and small businesses have the freedom to sign up for a green technology web hosting account, build a web presence, and know that with every web visitor’s click they are reducing carbon emissions. And for every new account created through the end of 2007, Greenest Host will donate $5 to the Environmental Defense Fund - up to $500,000. Mike Corrales, President and CEO of Greenest Host remarked, ”The idea for such a venture developed out of our firsthand experience with data center operations. Ask any data center operations person how power and cooling-hungry most web servers are. When we ran the numbers, we were astounded by how much pollution can be reduced when switching to green technology hosting. Greenest Host literally produces zero carbon emissions.” Mr. Corrales continued, ”It is important to note that this is not a green solution because we are buying Renewable Energy Credits or carbon offsets, it is energy from the sun that powers our web servers and data center cooling day and night. We are not paying a penance for our emissions sins, we are just not committing the sins in the first place.” Greenest Host is also sponsoring the Green Power Inside ”Million Green Powered Website” campaign, where the goal is to convert one million websites to clean power, resulting in pollution reductions equivalent to: * 2,000 passenger cars not driven for one year * 1,070,000 gallons of gasoline not burned * 21,900 barrels of oil not burned * 1,200 households not using electricity for a year * 240,000 tree seedlings grown for 10 years * 7,900 acres of pine or fir forests storing carbon for one year * 77 acres of forest preserved from deforestation * 48 railcars of coal not burned * 3,200 tons of waste recycled instead of landfilled Greenest Host’s goal is to change the Internet web hosting landscape, by offering zero emissions web hosting. The company powers all of its servers and data center cooling with 100% clean solar power 100% of the time. Source: Web hosting finds news

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