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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Small Businesses Have Relaxed Attitude to Personal Net Use

The latest research from Easynet Connect into personal Internet use at work has revealed that only 18% of small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) in the UK impose a complete ban, with 49% employing a formal Internet policy (i.e. limiting use to lunch or break time).

Meanwhile 32% of SMBs still have no formal Internet policy whatsoever, allowing completely unrestricted Internet use by their employees, and potentially raising the cost of bandwidth.

"As a rising number of core business applications become web-based, it is important that personal internet use does not compromise the performance of these applications," said Chris Stening, MD, Easynet Connect.

"However, it is also important for SMBs to strike a balance with their employees. A complete ban is not the answer, because while some internet users can consume a lot of resources (by downloading movies or engaging in IP telephony), most simply wish to check their emails or do some online banking, which consumes less bandwidth.

Businesses must analyse their internet connectivity requirements and develop a policy that doesn't compromise their business' core online applications, while accommodating for their employees legitimate internet needs."

When asked how they use the Internet at work, 93% of employees simply use it for general web browsing, while 52% visit social networking sites and 29% use instant messaging.

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