1&1 reveals slow website research

UK web hosting provider 1&1 Internet announced on Tuesday it recently conducted a survey that revealed that slow loading websites are the number one Internet pet peeve among users. The study showed a negative emotional response from slow loading websites from over 52 percent of participants. Thirty-five percent cited short temperedness while 7 percent said they experienced physical aggression as a result of the slow loading sites. The study also found that 85 percent, approximately 31.5 million Brits, said that their perception of a business is negatively affected by a slow website. The survey indicated that 82 percent of UK Internet users will not wait for more than one minute for a website to load, 53 percent go to an alternative source after 30 seconds, and 25 percent after just 10 seconds. Women, on the other hand, were willing to wait longer. Over 20 percent of female participants said that they would wait between one and five minutes, compared to just 9 percent of men. "Our research shows that with so many options available on the Internet, consumers want information quickly," says Andreas Gauger, CEO of 1&1 Internet. "If a website fails to perform to their expectations it is quickly dismissed for another." Source: The WHIR News

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