BBC apologises for Sky Broadband users remark

BBC columnist Bill Thompson has apologised to users of Sky Broadband’s e-mail service after making a somewhat poorly informed remark about the providers recent e-mail migration problems:

"It's rare that I find myself on the side of large companies such as Google and Sky when it comes to the way they treat customers, but the current furore over the way Sky moved over a million UK customers from its own servers to Google's GMail service has resulted in what seems to be rather undeserved criticism.

But I am starting to think that anyone who can't follow the step-by-step guide to updating their Outlook account settings really shouldn't be using e-mail at all - they clearly have so little understanding of the technology in their hands that it's like letting a small child play with an unlicensed nuclear reactor."

Had Thompson researched the situation then he would have seen that the migration suffered from a number of technical and communication related problems, which Sky itself had already admitted to.

Happily Thompson has now apologised (albeit without the use of ‘sorry’) to Sky's somewhat frustrated customers via the SkyUser forums:

"I feel rather like Boris Johnson turning up to face the people of Liverpool - but there's no point being a journalist in the new media world unless you're willing to dive in and debate, and unless you're willing to admit where you've failed to make your point.

So, it's clear that I missed the real problems facing lots of Sky users, and in discussing the transition from Sky mail to Google I have not represented the real state of affairs.

No point messing around or trying to wriggle out of it, and I'll talk to my editor at the BBC tomorrow morning (I've just picked up my emails after a day out teaching) and add something to the piece to reflect this."

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